I highly recommend Susan’s career advisement services based on her experienced analytical approach and in-depth personal evaluation. Her articulate and easy to follow guidance put me in touch with what I was seeking in a position and various resources to advance my new career path.

Good luck in all of your endeavors!!
— Tara B, private client 3/3/18
I like how you think, put the world together. You ask the right questions and get to the heart of the matter.
— Greg Williams, Sergeant, Safety and Security, CMSD 2/13/17
I think anyone who chooses to work with you is very lucky!
— Erik Mann, ED, Cleveland Classical Guitar Society 12/15/16
Dear Susan,
Words do not express how much I appreciated your candor and guidance on Saturday. I do feel as though we made a connection, your heart to mine. The comments you gave me made me feel hopeful that the right opportunity for me exists and that I need to reinvent how I perceive myself so that others will see it too.
— Lauren J, private job seeker
Thank you for meeting with me yesterday at the NCJS Resume Clinic. Your time and generosity are greatly appreciated! Your suggestions for changes to my resume were so helpful, both in preparing the resume as well as helping me to identify my ideal job. In addition, your kindness and thoughtfulness have restored my confidence in my ability to reenter the fulltime job market.
You have a gift and I am grateful that you took time so share it with so many of us!
— Carol M, private job seeker
You made me feel comfortable sharing – and considering the fresh and raw emotions being felt since the merge, that meant a lot. Thank you. Really, thank you.
— Candy Cookson, Center Director, Rose Centers for Aging Well