Privacy Policy


Your contact information will never be shared with anyone that isn't working directly with Healing the Ties That Bind You. Period. Your personal information and discussion participation will never be shared without your written permission. (This is in case in the future there is some writing about what we are all learning. I might want to share an example, but I’ll get with you about that first a) for your permission and b) to ensure your privacy, we’ll change the details.)

The Privacy Policy of the companies, Stripe and PayPal, which we use to process payments, can be found here (Stripe) and here (PayPal).

The Privacy Policy for MailChimp, the company we use to help us stay in touch with you, can be found here.

Sometimes we use Square for processing payments in person.  If you have made a purchase with us, say at a live event, you may want to check out their privacy policy here.

And while we cannot agree to limit anyone’s searches, we trust that you will not post anything you do not want the general public to find.  If you have a need you don’t want to post, please contact me here.  I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Perhaps we can find a way to discuss it. (Also, check out the Resources page.  There are more and more articles and videos on a range of topics.  One might be just what you’re looking for.)