Getting Connected

Getting a job may be simple, but it sure isn’t easy!

Getting connected is the name of the game in successful job searches. Upcoming Events in the community  such as Job Seeker forums suitable for mid-life professionals help you identify strategies you want to try as well as show you you’re not alone.

The I Got the Job! Programs meet two kinds of needs:

  • Accelerated results for people who have been seeking jobs, but did not receive outplacement or coaching in current job search techniques
  • Ameliorating the stress of a too-long job search and removing obstacles to the connections that lead to offers

(There is a third type of need. When a person knows how to conduct a search, or is offered assistance and they don’t work their search, they need help getting over that hump. Let’s look into this.)

Free Assessment Calls

However your job transition is taking shape, I’d like to help you. I offer free assessment calls because until we’ve talked, neither one of us knows if what I have to offer can help you or not. You are welcome to call or email me for an appointment to discuss your current job search situation and start a plan of how you can move your search forward. My phone number is (216) 395-7433 and email is We’ll set up an appointment during normal business hours, M-F Eastern Time. (Other times can be arranged; just email me.)

(FYI, this is the assessment conversation that is a pre-requisiteto joining one of the longer programs.)


I Got the Job! Job Search Strategy and Implementation Courses

Does this sound like you?

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve had a resume done
  • I have a good resume, but don’t know how to get started finding people to network with
  • I don’t see myself “selling myself” so I haven’t tried
  • I’ve posted my resume on and receive lots of emails, but nothing that applies to me. It’s just clogging my Inbox!

There are two programs for you.

One Day Job Search Bootcamp
This one day, Intensive overview of job search strategies will give you the basic tools and experience of job searching.  
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I Got the Job!Strategy and Implementation Course
One Month, 12 Workshops
Are you motivated to get a great job, enhance your reputation in the community and be compensated handsomely? Here is the course that will help you attain these goals smoothly and efficiently with my proven techniques and tools.
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I Got the Job! Success System

Or does this sound like you?

  • I’ve never been like this! I could always get a job before. What’s happened? Why can’t I get hired?!
  • I’ve spent all these years gaining experience and now I’m being told I’m too old.
  • All my attempts keep failing; I can’t get a job!
  • I feel so close to defeat. It’s really hard to keep up my energy, motivation and positive attitude.

There are two programs for you, too.

One Day Immersion: What’s Holding You Back
It can feel like magic to find hidden messages that are holding you back.  Don’t believe it?  In these one day sessions, you will uncover ideas that you don’t believe, yet you act as though they are true!  You will see changes in yourself immediately!

There is a limit of 6 participants so that we can work closely with each one.  Our stories are similar and you will see yourself reflected in the people around you.
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The I Got the Job! Success System

3 months, weekly workshops, homework
No more drumming up motivation to do the same boring things hoping something different will happen. Here are the keys!  This program brings you a proven process to remove the blocks that have been holding you back and practical exercises to launch you forward.
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