Where is MidTown?

I want you to come visit us in MidTown because it’s a really cool part of the City. Between Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University you’ll find all kinds of businesses, turn-of-this-and-the-last-century architecture, cool events, food trucks – you name it!

Our location is convenient to all of our members.People from the Heights come down the hill to Carnegie or Chester.Everyone else gets to the Inner Belt and gets off at Carnegie, Prospect or Chester.There’s lots of free parking right up by the front door.And you can easily get to fun things to do, like Public Square, University Circle, Lake Erie, or even Ohio City.

The Chomp – the day the food trucks visit – is on Tuesdays in the warm months, so if you’re only coming once a week make it one of those days!

Here’s a link to MidTown Cleveland to find out more

  • The Health-Tech Corridor
  • Where to live, work, play and dine
  • What’s happening with all the new start-ups and support for them
  • And what makes MidTown special.